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As long as I can remember, I’ve been eagerly sharing my enthusiasm for life. Whether it’s a movie you absolutely have to see, a place that I urge you to put on your bucket list, or a way of looking at things that sparks greater hope, I always seem to be enrolling the people I love in celebrating the beauty and wonder of our world.

In this very personal blog, I’ve decided to share the things that make my heart soar. This is the essence of my spiritual practice, the everyday magic that flows from the joy of celebration.

I hope that along the way you are inspired to live your life as a celebration every day.




— Celebration is the practice of a grateful life —


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Living Celebration

Let’s unwrap the gifts — here are a few of my favorite themes I’ll explore.




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The Arts

Inspiration in the Arts

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Renewing our Stories

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Honoring Celebration

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